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Co-Creator Team
Kimberly Carter Gamble
Producer, Director, Co-Writer
Kimberly Carter Gamble Produced, Directed and Co-Wrote THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes. Kimberly came from a background in journalism and film. Currently she is focused on helping to empower grassroots movements around the world to reclaim our freedom and develop tools and practices for averting medical tyranny and cultivating spiritual awakening.
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Foster Gamble
Researcher, Co-Writer, Visual Designer
Foster Gamble is the Researcher, Co-Writer and Visual Designer of the documentary THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes. Previously, Foster was CEO of MindCenter Corporation and an instructor in the non-violent martial art of Aikido. He was the on-screen host for the PBS documentary Aikido - The Way of Harmony and created three consulting services — Interaction Dynamics (communication/conflict resolution), LifeBalance and Zonesport — which he has delivered throughout the country.
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Executive Team
Jaime Vlassopulos
Jaime Vlassopulos was a Co-Producer on THRIVE I and the Co-Producer of THRIVE II. She also serves on the business side of ThriveOn in an executive leadership role. She has worked as an executive and producer for companies such as HBO, E!, and Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, with a focus on content production, digital platforms as well as building audiences and engagement.
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Lee Waterworth
Lee Waterworth was an Associate Producer on THRIVE I and is a Co-Producer of THRIVE II. He also works on the business side of ThriveOn in an executive leadership role. Lee has a solid background in film distribution, having distributed hundreds of titles owned by major studios (Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures), independent distributors and independent producers alike. He is an entrepreneur at heart, focused on bringing solutions to the market that empower people to live in harmony with our planet.
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Teresa Collins
Associate Producer
Teresa Collins was an Associate Producer on THRIVE I and has joined the THRIVE II team again in this role. Teresa’s passion is developing learning communities and leveraging the marriage of online and in-person experiences and content in building lasting engagement and empowerment. Teresa is also a former board member of the Resonance Science Foundation and the Director of the Resonance Academy.
Editing Team
Bryan Rawles
Bryan Rawles was born in Santa Cruz, CA and received his degree in film from Emerson College in Boston. After leaving the Marines, Bryan got his start as an editor. His passion and love of editing continues to guide his approach as a creative director/editor. Always seeking the next adventure, Bryan has filmed throughout the world, from the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan to the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan for brands such as State Farm, Subaru, GoPro, Fitbit, Apple, YouTube, Ancestry, Google, FOX, USAID, Adobe and Cisco. His experience as a creative director, editor and a combat veteran all come together to create a director that is inspired, diligent, and committed to make every project the best work of his life.
Tina Imahara
Tina Imahara is the Co-Editor of THRIVE II. In her 20+ year career, Tina has edited over 80 short & feature films, with an emphasis on documentaries including ON TIP TOE, (ACADEMY and EMMY AWARD NOMINATIONS), FUEL (SUNDANCE Audience Award), HARMONY (NBC Prime Time Special) in collaboration with HRH The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles), THE BIG FIX (CANNES FILM FESTIVAL Official Selection) and most recently, HAPPENING, a Redford Center/HBO production.
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Writing Team
Leandrew Dixon
Leandrew Dixon is the Copywriter for ThriveOn. As the founder of Autonomite, Leandrew has helped amplify many prominent activist and freedom oriented brands such as NeverGetBusted, The Dollar Vigilante, Anarchapulco and The Freedom! Line. He wears many hats as a multi-passionate creative seeking to help uplift humanity through his various outlets. Whether it be through entrepreneurship, music production, web design, writing or video production, his focus is on utilizing those skills to manifest a vision of a freer, more sustainable and abundant world.
Mary Earle Chase
Mary Earle Chase, who was a co-writer on THRIVE I, is one of the writers of THRIVE II as well. For more than four decades she has been a writer and video producer focusing on transformational media — books and films that shift consciousness and inspire action. For the past fifteen years she has created curriculum and produced media for the Pachamama Alliance, whose video-based program, Awakening the Dreamer, has educated and activated hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world to get involved in creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just future.
Neal Rogin
Neal Rogin, co-writer of THRIVE I and THRIVE II, is a multi-award winning author and filmmaker whose work has touched millions of lives. A documentary he scripted for rock legend Sting was nominated for an Academy Award. He received a National Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing for a program on the Disney Channel. He is the author of several critically acclaimed books, including his most recent entitled Delightenment: Escaping the solitary confinement of your Prisonality. He was head writer of the global radio broadcast of the “LIVE AID” Concert, the largest broadcast event in history. He is a Founding Board Member of The Pachamama Alliance, a non-profit partnership between people from the modern world and indigenous tribes in the Amazon.
Visual Effects Team
Marshall Lefferts
Visual Effects Co-Director, Post-Production Supervisor
Marshall Lefferts is the Visual Effects Co-Director and Post-Production Supervisor for THRIVE II. He was an Associate Producer on THRIVE I. He is a seasoned visual effects producer as well as an expert in field geometry. Marshall is author of the acclaimed book, Cosmometry – Exploring the Holofractal Nature of the Cosmos. He is a member of the board of the Resonance Science Foundation and a faculty of Resonance Academy.
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Olek Lyzwanski
Visual Effects Supervisor
Olek Lyzwanski is Visual Effects Supervisor for THRIVE II. He is an award winning visual effects artist who has worked on many major Hollywood movies such as Super 8, 2012, The Kite Runner and Ghost Rider.
Andy Day
Visual Effects Artist
Andy Day is the Visual Effects Artist for THRIVE II. Andy has nearly 30 years of experience in all aspects of the computer graphics and visual effects fields. He has worked on projects at all levels from major film releases, through broadcast and web to local community, and has a list of clients spanning the world from Disney to David Icke.
Sarah Winters
Sarah Winters is an animation artist beaming light frequencies into the formed realms, translating pixel beauty from her fingertips to the glowing screen. She discovered the magic and fun when her first bird flew from a sketch on notebook paper. Still utilizing a hand-drawn approach, Sarah weaves together textures and objects from the natural world into the digital, maximizing the elements of After Effects with her knowledge of photography, digital design, and illustration. Every project becomes a puzzle, an ever-evolving journey of discovery. With cosmic branches stretching, Sarah sculpts the manifested blossom to delight and inspire the viewers.
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Music Team
Gary Malkin
Gary Malkin is the Composer for THRIVE II. For over 25 years, Gary has created music for features films, television, and major commercials for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. As the co-composer of THRIVE I, he received the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Documentary Soundtrack. With multiple Emmys & ASCAP awards to his credit, Gary is dedicated to demonstrating how music can serve a humanizing role in healthcare, corporate leadership and personal development to foster a more compassionate, mindful and peaceful world.
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Dan Alvarez
Music Producer
Dan Alvarez is the Music Producer for THRIVE II. Dan is a San Francisco Bay Area based composer, recording engineer, keyboardist and music producer. His numerous credits over the last three decades include many dozens of record albums, as well as a plethora of radio and television commercials, feature and documentary films, video games, and network television series. He is the recipient of multiple awards for his work, including two Emmys, an Addy, and the 2013 HMMA award for his collaboration with Gary Malkin on the soundtrack to the original “THRIVE” (best documentary score).
Seth Wright
Seth Wright is a composer on a mission. A firm believer that media music is the art music of our time, he is committed to creating engaging and responsive scores that grip audiences and shatter expectations. His single vision is for a world where composers are part of the team, are committed to the process, and love the media they write for. A 2019 graduate of the Eastman School of Music, Seth quickly launched his career with the creation of “Hiraeth”; the first orchestral, full length, and adaptive score to be licensable for video games. His additional credits include contributions to games like “Ori and the Will of the Wisps”, “Ironman VR”, “Temple Run 2”, and “Bejeweled Blitz”.
Production Team
Lensfire Films
Lensfire Films is the production team handling all the filming for THRIVE II. They have worked for the likes of Steven Spielberg and Vice. They specialize in action and adventure documentaries as well. They bring a youthful cutting edge style to the film and use the highest quality equipment.
Mara Milam
Production Coordinator
Mara Milam is the Production Coordinator for THRIVE II. She works professionally in both photography and video production and her clients include Patagonia and Discovery Digital Networks. She’s played an integral role in successfully and seamlessly executing our production schedule.
Mitch Franseth
Mitch Franseth has been successfully managing customer service, public relations and affiliate relations for THRIVE since 2011.
Rob Leslie
Web & IT Manager
Rob Leslie has over 25 years of experience in system and network administration and is the author of several open source software projects. He is well-versed in a wide range of technical matters including application development and deployment, network management, hosting infrastructure and services.
Hayley Nelson
Social Media Manager
Hayley Nelson is the Social Media Manager. She has worked with many successful clients such as Pepsi, KFC, Home Depot, and The Adam Carolla Show. She is excited to transfer her skills to help build and support solutions that will help the world thrive.
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