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FREEDOM PORTAL with Foster Gamble
Through the Rabbit Hole and out the other side!

An opportunity to explore a whole systems analysis of current events, — unpacking what, who, why, … and how to free yourself from the illusion of disempowerment.

Follow the money and motivations — what’s in the way and why — Discover principles for aligning with the Unified Field and restoring wholeness to natural systems. Develop Strategies for effective action to create meaningful change — within yourself and in the world.

As revealed in THRIVE II, Arthur Young, the inventor of the Bell Helicopter, revealed a consistent map for life’s evolutionary process in his book, THE REFLEXIVE UNIVERSE: The Evolution of Consciousness. Its seven-fold structure is found in the rainbow of light, the octave of music, the rows of the Atomic Table, the chakras and more.

This same natural process applies to getting to the roots of our dangerous problems and solving them to create a free and thriving world… It’s a seven-stage process that gets to the truth by recognizing:

  1. What are we being told (the surface reality presented to shape our perception)
  2. How is the news being spun (for more control of a few over others)
  3. Following the money and motivation (to understand the human story)
  4. Who is benefitting and to what end (to see how it fits in the Global Domination Agenda)

Once this raw reality is revealed, then the process starts moving toward true freedom through discovering:

  1. What do I want to do about it? (Purpose and Path of Process)
  2. How do I effectively collaborate with others (in a whole systems approach) to restore wholeness to natural systems
  3. How can it work living in a secure, prosperous condition of self-ownership, voluntary exchange, non-aggression and full accountability.

We will put every issue and current event under this rigorous microscope to empower efficient and effective solutions that are commensurate with the challenges we face.

Benefit from Foster’s synthesis of copious amounts of daily research from a full spectrum of traditional and alternative sources as well as a global network of hi-level experts.

Foster will further the freedom conversation and keep you up-to-date on emerging technologies in the areas of energy, health and environment. There will be guest speakers who are at the forefront of thought leadership in the areas of unified science, freedom, ethical philosophy, technology, consciousness, global solutions and the current agenda by the globalist domination cabal that stands in the way of a thriving world. Stay informed and be part of the round table conversation.

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Subscribers will get to bring their questions to a round table live Q&A conversation with Foster Gamble and occasionally Kimberly Carter Gamble will join as well.

Prepare for a dynamic conversation as topics hop from the ethics of the freedom movement to UFO technology, the global domination agenda, to the secrets of successful relationships and wild stories of life on the road vetting technology with eccentric genius innovators.


Stay current as Foster Gamble goes deep with the most relevant researchers, scientists, philosophers, healers and inventors on the front lines of a thriving world (r)evolution.

Foster Gamble has been an advanced conflict resolution facilitator for small to large Silicon Valley companies, schools, law firms, families and sports teams. He is a 3rd degree black belt in the non-violent martial art of Aikido. He was a national level ice hockey and tennis player and worked as a peak performance sports coach for professional, collegiate and junior athletes. Foster is a husband, father and was CEO of Mind Center, a startup in Silicon Valley for eight years. He was a researcher and leader for several decades in the consciousness movement. Foster has studied spatial geometry and new physics his entire life and brought these together to inform his contributions to emerging Unified Field Theory – including 3D computer mapping the complex toroidal geometry of the Periodic Table of Elements.

He will be bringing all of this to bear on the critical topics and explorations of the ThriveOn conversations.

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