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“A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank.”
Ron Paul

Help Establish A True Free Market — Voluntary Exchange, Honest Banking and Alternative Currencies

To begin, true capitalism requires a decentralized, asset-backed array of currencies, so that the economy reflects a genuine voluntary exchange of value. This is what allows for a true free market with natural pricing. This is what honors the sovereignty of each person and leads to optimal prosperity, security, and happiness. Even imperfect versions of this have lifted more people out of poverty and raised standards of living more than anything in history.

What we have, that has caused so much destruction, suffering, and poverty is not true capitalism and not true voluntary exchange. It’s corrupt, crony corporatism, where the state intervenes to rig the financial system with fiat (“made up”) money and fractional reserve (fake) lending. This prevents a healthy ecosystem of human exchange that can further innovation and decentralization. Instead, a centralized fiat currency depends on fixing prices and wages, eliminating small businesses through regulatory capture, and taxes and inflates away the average person’s hard-won gains, into the pockets of those who claimed special rights

Subsidized, controlled, rigged corporatism is the danger, not true capitalism. This misunderstanding causes people to think socialism is the answer, when in fact socialism leads to fascism via communism and true natural capitalism leads to freedom.

What’s needed is a free market in currencies, banking, and trade, with every individual held accountable for force or fraud and unable to hide behind unjust government or corporate immunity.

How To Take Action

The Dollar Vigilante

Here at The Dollar Vigilante we have absolutely no illusions about governments and central banks and their inherent tendency to steal, distort markets and cause physical and economic destruction.

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