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“...The non-aggression principle seems to me to be the only logical and coherent candidate for the basis of a universal morality. Non-Aggression is the social practice of resonance.”
Kimberly Carter Gamble

Stand For The Non-Aggression Principle And Apply It In Your Life

The Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) holds that no person may use violence, or the threat of violence, against another except in legitimate self-defense. We refer to the Non-Aggression Principle as the “rule” that allows all people to live with truly equal rights. It is said that one drop of ink can spoil otherwise pure water. We believe that unequal rights is that ink. It is a fundamentally flawed organizing principle and creates foundational disharmony in the field of pure potential. To have enforceable rules but no rulers, creates a system of pure individual accountability, so no one is condoned to harm another against their will.

As children, we are taught not to hit others and that violence is not the way to solve problems. As adults, we understand that it is morally unacceptable to hold a gun to your neighbor and demand that they follow your orders. We understand that we don’t have that right. Why, then, do we believe we can grant that right to other people?

Honoring the Non-Aggression Principle implies that governments, which are territorial monopolies on violent force, are fundamentally immoral and illegitimate. They operate coercively - taking people’s money against their will (taxation) using the threat of violence, undermining our rights, sovereignty, and moral agency. As long as we have such imbalanced power dynamics, there will be exploitation and abuse from the top down.

In a voluntary world, based on the Non-Aggression principle, there would still be organizations and companies offering many of the services that governments currently offer but on a voluntary basis, while also being subject to free market competition. A non-coercive, self-organizing society based on protective rules like the Non-Aggression principle represents the best way to create a world that truly works for everyone.

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Next Stage Questions

How is the Non-Aggression Principle enforced as a rule in a free society?

How do we handle “bad actors” in a free society without government?

How can we use the current system to transition to more freedom without enforcing coercion along the way?

How To Take Action

The Advocates for Self-Government

The Advocates for Self-Government is a community that champions the values of self-government — voluntary association, personal responsibility and neighborly assistance.

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