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“In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.”
Henri Frederic Amiel

Require Informed Consent and Health Freedom

We own ourselves. The most fundamental freedom we have is control over what happens with our bodies. Yet, this freedom is increasingly under threat with discussions of mandatory vaccination for Covid-19. The media and politicians are stoking the fears of the public to forward this agenda, which represents immoral encroachment on our civil liberties.

We understand that with consent, lovemaking is not rape. With consent, employment is not slavery. Likewise, informed consent is necessary for medical intervention; otherwise, it is a violent violation and a crime against our humanity.

The ‘informed’ component of ‘informed consent’ is essential. Without adequate information to understand the scope and risks of a health crisis, we cannot give true consent. Unfortunately, during the suspicious Covid-19 scare, our ability to inform ourselves has been tragically undermined by institutional censorship.

The data used by the mainstream media and politicians to inflate the perceived danger of the outbreak has been manipulated to make Covid-19 seem far more threatening than independent science has shown it to be. Virtually all mainstream answers to questions of human to human transmission, asymptomatic spread, the effectiveness of masks, the fatality rate, and every other important factor have changed in a matter of months, often aligning more with political interest than science. Further, the institution of science itself has lost integrity and given way to political and corporate agendas.

Our political and healthcare systems have long been intertwined in the self-serving pursuit of power and money at the expense of the people. However, their lack of integrity has rarely been as visible as it has been during this coronavirus takeover. There are countless suspicious aspects of the Covid-19 response. Among them:

  • The government financially incentivizes hospitals to report deaths as Covid-19 deaths.

  • Any affordable and effective treatment of Covid-19 including, but not limited to, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Hydroxychloroquine, and the Math+ protocol have all been suppressed, with propaganda or legal force.

  • In such a public health crisis, not a word is said by the mainstream media, politicians, or the healthcare establishment about methods of boosting our immune systems.

  • That any practicing doctor or scientist offering data or perspectives that conflict with the mainstream narrative are censored and slandered.

These aren’t new tactics. Many of the same tactics have been employed to suppress cures for cancer, to silence whistleblowers challenging the practice of vaccination and to hide the dangerous effects of GMOs, pesticides, radiation and aerial sprays. How, then, can we give these untrustworthy institutions our consent?

When discussing informed consent, it’s also essential to recognize the notion of ‘manufactured consent’ which describes how propaganda, social pressures, and market forces can be used to engineer faux-consent without overt coercion. For example, forced vaccinations aren’t likely to manifest as the military going door to door forcibly injecting the populace. That would be so obvious as to incite organized rebellion. They are more likely to occur as requirements for taking flights, going to public events, or gaining access to public transportation, leaving most people with no real choice about whether or not to accept a novel and potentially dangerous vaccination.

Standing up for our health freedom and resisting encroachment is one of the most critical actions in which we can engage. If we don’t have authority and control over our bodies, there is little hope we can keep or gain any other freedom. Let’s do what we can to ensure everyone can live in health, wisdom, and freedom.

Next Stage Questions

In order for a vaccine to be mandated, it is legally required that there be no “safe, effective alternative”. This motivates those whose mission to force vaccination to censor information about effective alternative remedies.

What are the ways “information wars” have been used throughout history to enslave people?

Why should a few people have the right to “mandate” injecting another against their will - even if it has pronounced “legal?”

Hitler’s persecution of the Jews had been made “legal.” How do we reconcile “moral” with “legal” when they don’t match up?

How To Take Action

Make Americans Free Again - Citizens in Charge

Make Americans Free Again “.. want the freedom to accept or reject vaccination for myself and my minor children. The state or federal government cannot force me or my minor children to be vaccinated without my express permission.”

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