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"Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war."
Martin Luther King Jr.

After expanding our awareness and understanding of the systems of oppression preventing humanity from thriving, the time comes to take action. Here, we offer tools and strategies we can use to help seed grassroots, transformative, and trans-political movements to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to Thrive.

When we find a way to still our body and mind, we naturally find a quiet, non-reactive state from which to explore our true purpose. With this clarity, we can naturally explore how we can best contribute to the world. Then, we can collaborate with others to multiply our effectiveness.

To transcend the current reality effectively we need to unflinchingly dream bigger as we build new systems to support a new world. Non-compliance with the status quo becomes a strategy for building this new world rather than a low-level, seemingly endless round of resistance to what is. Not all actions are equally effective. Understanding the nature of the oppression and our own true and unique offering provides the perfect combination for personal and global healing and transformation.

Top 10 Actions

Practice Stillness

Discern Your Purpose And Path Of Action

Collaborate With Others In A Network Of Networks

Stand For The Non-Aggression Principle And Apply It In Your Life

Support Uncensored, Independent, Truth Media

Require Informed Consent and Health Freedom

Help Establish A True Free Market — Voluntary Exchange, Honest Banking and Alternative Currencies

Advocate for Ethical Breakthrough Technologies

Support Legal Rights of Ecosystems

Facilitate an end to Corporate Personhood

Share ThriveOn with your networks and earn 20% commission as our thank you. With censorship as it is, it’s going to take grassroots communities to get this message out to the world.
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