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Our VISION: A world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.
Our mission is to educate, empower and ignite our human potential to restore the wholeness of natural systems, aligning with the unified field and with each other to create a THRIVING WORLD.

There is scientific and spiritual corroboration that we are part of an infinitely alive, interconnected cosmos, and that this web of interconnectivity is organized according to knowable energy dynamics. Aligning with this patterning allows us to access its infinite potential for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and interpersonal transformation. The principles that one needs to abide by to do this can be applied to expanding consciousness, non-coercive self-organizing, accessing clean electricity, preventing and curing illnesses and more.

Given the evidence that there are solutions, in every sector, ready to restore our beloved planet and support a thriving civilization, we ask “What is in the way of our living in this state of abundance and peace?” We suggest the main obstacles are the widespread belief that it’s not possible and that we still need to abdicate our authority to others.

At ThriveOn, we explore sovereignty and what it means as individuals to claim authority over our own lives. We describe how this relation to ourselves and to each other is based on the same principles as the unified field - operating seamlessly at every scale.

We’re not alone in this. We are profoundly connected.

Science and spirit both show that now.

“Remember, you’re not just a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in a drop.”
Rumi, 13th-century Poet
  • Provide the tools, products, insights, and experiences that actualize our mission
  • Help up-level people’s sense of what’s possible so that they stop settling for less
  • Connect the dots between seemingly disparate subjects
  • Help remove external and internal barriers to freedom
  • Unpack the principles intrinsic to the unified field and show their relevance to our technologies and our lives
  • Help bring transformational technologies to market
  • Model the non-aggression principle in action
  • Empower critical thinking and curiosity to nurture mental sovereignty
  • Model a self-sustaining prosperous business model for providing truth media and tools of empowerment
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