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ThriveOn WORLDVIEW PIONEER SERIES: Unified Field Trip Sample Clips

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Why We Recommend ThisEnjoy sample clips from the "Unified Filed Trip" episode of the WORLDVIEW PIONEER SERIES featuring Physicist Nassim Haramein.

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Foster’s expert guest for this month of Unified Science will be probably the leading pioneer of all time in United Field Theory. Cosmologist, Physicist, Inventor Nassim Haramein was featured in both Thrive I and Thrive II. Nassim has recently completed an epic series of papers correcting and completing Einstein’s quest for an accurate UFT. Foster and Nassim have been colleagues for over two decades and this will be a conversation for the ages with time for questions from listeners.


Nassim shares a mind and heart opening perspective of the connection between love and the Unified Field.


Nassim gives us an update on his Resonator, an innovation that has the potential to harness the Unified Field, dramatically advancing humanities ability to create energy and manipulate space itself.

What do you think, Thrivers? Do we live in a simulated universe?

Physicist and inventor Nassim Haramein chimes in on the hotly debated question of whether or not our universe is a simulation.


Enjoy more thought-provoking clips from the FREEDOM PORTAL here: FREEDOM PORTAL - Sample Show Clips

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