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Raise Your Vibration With Appreciation and Compassion

HeartMath Institute
Why We Recommend This – Heartmath's work on heart coherence represents a breakthrough in understanding the scientific underpinnings of appreciation, compassion, empathy and integrity.

When we examine past generations, there was a lot that people felt anger over, fretted over, agonized over. It is no different today. So much in the news – international relations, the global climate, suffering among countless millions because of violence and corruption, famine, poverty and more – can leave us feeling numb and drained daily, frustrated over what we can do.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling this way yourself. Whether it is the nature of the times we live in, or your own personal difficulties or disenchantment with the life you are living, there is something you can do to uplift your life. You can learn or expand your capacity to express sincere appreciation/gratitude and compassion. Those two simple antidotes can raise your heart’s vibration for more inner security and have been scientifically validated by researchers at HeartMath Institute. (Look for a simple tool and exercises at the end of this article for learning to intentionally express appreciation and compassion and raise your vibrational level.)

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