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“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”
J.K. Rowling

The stunning breakthrough technologies covered in THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes have all shown promise, but the innovators behind many still need support to bring their inventions to fruition.

Unique obstacles exist for innovations which fundamentally disrupt the global centralization of power. A look at the history of such inventions reveals that they are frequently suppressed, sabotaged, and marginalized by those who control the industries they challenge. The despots in control of trillion-dollar industries often resort to unethical means of maintaining their power and control over the markets and people. Thankfully, breakthrough technologies are sprouting up across the globe and the internet has made it possible for independent media organizations like ours to spread the word.

Status Updates
On participation or purchase opportunities with breakthrough technologies and products seen in THRIVE II.
Nassim Haramein

Nassim’s remarkable Resonator technology, which is designed to access energy from the plenum and to provide gravitational control, is still under development and not yet for sale. Inquiries about how to participate in supporting this project can be directed to

Nassim’s eagerly awaited next paper on his Unified Field Theory - currently titled Scale Invariance for All Scales, Particles and Forces, is near publication and is slated for on-line release soon. We will announce it here.

Torus Tech’s Ark Crystals are custom grown and uniquely charged in the field of the Resonator – to link with the structure of the plenum. The field of the Ark Crystals is showing beneficial results with structuring water, enhancing plant growth and energizing the human body. These remarkable cutting edge artifacts can be ordered at

The science behind this is explained in depth at the Resonance Science Foundation, which we encourage you to join.


The Sonaphi App is not yet commercially available for sale.

Heart Akerson

The current centralized energy system requires about 70% of the cost of energy be used for transmission and distribution, the cost of centralization. With microgrids we can go to a more decentralized system and pay for it by reducing the 70%. New Energy devices and Electric Vehicles can easily feed their electricity into these microgrids. It’s all a great vision but you need the pieces to put this together.

Heart Transverter has meticulously designed, developed and tested all of these critical pieces and put them into production. We are fully subscribed to the “This is What it Takes” part of the electrical energy equation. Now is the time to implement this world wide and we are currently taking on strategic partners, raising capital and building our team of innovators.

We are off to a great start. Become a part of this. Contact:

Maxwell Chikumbutso

The Corona Lockdown has drastically delayed the availability of Saith Technologies products. To see the range of products that are coming and to pre-order devices...or for inquiries about how to participate in supporting this project, go to

As with most important breakthroughs in Health and Energy, deep state controlled sources like Snopes will often give an uninformed and false perspective on Mr. Chikumbutso and his technology, intended to discourage interest in decentralized energy access. Keep looking deeper into facts and evidence.

Note: While we do vouch for the efficacy of the technology that we vetted as seen in Thrive II, Foster Gamble and ThriveOn make no claims about the business aspect of Saith Group or any other inventors. We are not involved in their business dealings and are not responsible for any contractual outcomes.

As of mid-June 2021, Saith Group is seriously delinquent on delivery of devices internationally. Therefore, we recommend that potential customers and licensees wait on commitment of resources until there is evidence that these prior orders are fulfilled.

We will update this page if and when we hear that he has successfully fulfilled on his current obligations.

Update on November 9th, 2020:

It is with sad hearts that we share the tragic news that our dear friend Mr. Genius Kadungure has died in a car accident over the weekend. No foul play is suspected.

Genius (his real and well-deserved birth name!) is featured in the Zimbabwe adventure in THRIVE II. He was a courageous and very successful, self-made entrepreneur who became close friends with Free Energy inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso when both were in prison on false charges.

When Genius was freed, he came back to the prison with fresh food and bail money for all the non-violent offenders. He was so beloved in his country that when Foster would travel around with him and his bodyguards, young people everywhere would flock to shake his hand.

May this great soul find fulfillment in his next adventure and experience our gratitude for all he did while he was here.


Genius with Max, Pastor Farai, Kimberly and Foster (left), Genius and Maxwell (right)

NST Group consists of international R&D members having its center of activity in Thailand. The team has developed an innovative process to produce highly-pure low-cost hydrogen from water by chemical (non-electrolytic) process in a sustainable manner. The hydrogen production process and the utilized reactors were shown on Thrive II.

The technology has been completed and demonstrated at lab scale. Each batch production round provides a few hundred grams of highly-pure hydrogen. A sophisticated highly monitored 4-channel batch reactor is being constructed, to be finalized soon. The preliminary design of a semi-industrial continuous reactor is ready as well. The devices are not designed for sale but for demonstration and optimization.

This technology can be scaled up to any commercial size using a batch or continuous reactors to produce low-cost hydrogen for various industrial applications and for power generation. We have had significant interest in partnering or purchasing the technology but have not signed any deals, yet.

Serious inquiries for potential investments, partnering or purchase of the rights to the technology should be directed to [email protected]


The Zenneck Power technologies are not yet available. The company is not fielding inquiries or commercial discussions at this time.

To stay informed about Zenneck Power technology projects, opportunities and developments, please follow this link.

Larken Rose

Larken has authored some of the most impactful books about Freedom. We particularly recommend his most recent The Most Dangerous Superstition, and his course, Candles in the Dark, which helps facilitate conversations about ethics and values that can heal the political divide and deepen our personal understanding of transpolitical solutions.

Check here for access to the Online Seminar:

Mary Ruwart

Dr. Ruwart offers a newsletter and ongoing courses.

Some are available for free trial.

Dr. James Hardt

The Biocybernaut Institute offers a variety of in-depth brainwave biofeedback trainings.

Check them out here.

Dr. Kelly Brogan

Non-pharmaceutical psychiatrist, Dr. Kelly Brogan, has remarkable programs and books available here:

Dr. Todd Ovakaitys

Dr. Todd is presently practicing advanced regeneration medicine using his patented methods. He also integrates the best of other platforms to offer a unique array of healing technologies for optimum results.

You can reach him at [email protected] or

Dr. Beth McDougall

Dr. Beth McDougall offers energy-based diagnostic and healing technologies as Medical Director of Clear Center of Health in Mill Valley, California.

You can reach her at

Robert O. Young, Ph.D.

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., continues his involvement in the research and publication of discoveries with a focus on the fluids of the interstitium advocating an alkaline diet and lifestyle for managing its delicate balance. Unfortunately, he is still dealing with legal challenges which limit his work.

You can visit his website here:

Dr. Galina Migalko

Dr. Galina Migalko continues her pioneering research with non-invasive, non-radioactive diagnostic imaging. She developed a revolutionary, comprehensive full body scan which includes full body ultrasound, full body bio-electro interstitial scan, full body thermography and noninvasive blood analysis, which combined can holistically help detect particular imbalances and deficiencies in the human body.

Her website is

Q360 Club

The Healing Energy devices shown in THRIVE II are available to experience at Q360 Club in Malibu, California. They offer an advanced Tech Epicenter that balances life force energy with frequencies of light and sound and the properties of water to foster self-healing.

They also conduct valuable research and education on children and animal health through their non-profit foundation

Mitra Politi

Mitra Politi, is an intuitive healer and trusted spiritual guide. He offers guided retreats on line and in person. He has just released his first book Insights: Steps to Truth, a book of prose wisdom garnered from his 25 years in meditation and spiritual contemplation. Visit to delve deeper into his world and find resources to deepen your own experience with mindfulness, including free guided meditations led by Mitra.

To connect with Mitra on Social Media visit:

Taita Juanito

Taita Juanito Chindoy continues his mission to share Ayahuasca and offer spiritual healing from his family's center Finca Ambiwasi in Colombia . He is also heading an Amazonian healing plants and land conservation project with the support of MAGIC Fund.

You can learn more about healing with Taita Juanito at and about his Amazon projects at You can also learn more about him in the documentary The Medicine.

Gerard Powell

Rythmia is a medically-licensed ayahuasca retreat center that offers a full program of support that includes plant medicine, breathwork, emotional integration, and optional stem cell therapy. They are developing their center to provide additional services during this time that the Covid lockdown has required suspending their in-person offerings.

Stay tuned to this page and their website for updates. ...thank you for supporting ThriveOn by using this link.

Nicole Rager

Nicole Rager continues to provide Transformational Breathwork in person and online via private sessions, group classes, intensives, and retreats.

Find her at: is designed to be a helpful resource in the quest to disseminate breakthrough technologies. Here, you can stay updated on these breakthroughs, learn how to help them reach the world, or get help with your innovation.

Do you have a ready-to-market breakthrough technology that you think would interest us? Please check the qualifiers in our Innovator FAQ and fill out our Innovator Web Form if you think your invention is a fit.

Do you have resources and skills that can help to bring these solutions to the world? Please fill out the Solutions Help questionnaire.

You can keep track of the updates and opportunities with breakthrough technologies and products seen in THRIVE II below.

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