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Who are Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble?
Why are you charging for THRIVE II?
What is unique about your style of documentary filmmaking?
With society seemingly on the brink of collapse, are we too late to save it?
THRIVE is referred to as a ‘trans-political’ movement. What exactly does that mean?
What does it mean to be ‘sovereign’ or ‘reclaim authority over our lives’?
How can I support the movement?
Thrive discusses supporting alternative media. Are there any reporters or channels you recommend?
Why is the torus so important to the Thrive message?
Why are new energy technologies and other breakthroughs being suppressed? Wouldn’t independent wealthy people bring them out if they are possible?
Can we change the system from within?
Why is the Non-Aggression Principle necessary to create a thriving future?
Do I need to watch THRIVE I before watching THRIVE II or does THRIVE II stand alone?
Why does the Thrive team associate with people who are considered by some to be “divisive?” (David Icke, Alex Jones, Sacha Stone, Stefan Molyneux, etc.)
Why does Thrive get involved in “Conspiracy Theories?”
How do you talk to other people about “difficult” topics and still nurture the relationship?
Are you concerned that it might diminish your credibility to be dealing with so many “controversial” issues?
Do you feel like naming “perpetrators” creates a destructive “us and them” dynamic?
Do you fear for your safety, and if so what do you do to stay safe?
Why are you in favor of capitalism when so many seem to be against it?
What is your stance on Vaccines?
Where do you stand on human-caused global warming and climate change?
Do you blame Jewish bankers for our global economic distress?
If there is one main take away that is all encompassing of THRIVE II’s message, what would that be?
Why did some of the people in THRIVE I reject the movie?
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